Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Youth Retreat 2010

Youth retreat 2010 was so much fun! One of the nights was a 50's dress up night! It was great everybody went out of their way to do something crazy!
This is a picture of two awesome ladies. Sis. Anna and Witney=-) I love Wit that girl is so much fun. At youth retreat she was right in the middle of it all. You would think she knew our youth group her whole life=-)

All I can say is you are too cute kid! This is a picture of Anna's little Dill! He is always right in the middle of the young people!
OK.... we had a meeting to come up with a creative name for the youth retreat this year and as you can see we was real creative. We called it Genesis.... O no it looks like my brother Gene has got extremely creative=-) Check out the sign behind our awesome youth leader
Whooo Gene, now that's what I call a bush need a good mowing=-)
This is a picture of Andrew with a stocking over his head, There is a good reason for it I promise=-)
Hey girls say cheese=-) The girl to the right is one of my new friends. She just got the holy ghost and she is doing awesome!
Ha Ha Ha=-) Tera bear with a stocking over her head! I promise you ... we got one crazy group of young people!~
Our youth leader always trying to fashionable=-) Like the hair!!

Yeah me and Wit was also doing this! It was so much fun ,,,,, I wish I had a picture to show!

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