Monday, January 17, 2011

This is one of the many videos that we took on our trip=-)

All I'm saying is if my uncle was sitting behind him he would have never said any of things he said because my uncle could squash him =-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Skiing Trip=-)

Want to know what I did for my Christmas break? I went Skiing in Colorado !!!! It was a blast~! I went with some awesome people=-) It was fifteen people stuffed... I mean stuffed in a fifteen passenger van! Now that is a great way to become close friends. Above is a picture of Breanne, Me, and Whit!

Aw, now isn't that just so sweet!! Hey wait that's my pillow! Well, I had to forgive them. Things were just way to tight to start a pillow fight! Wait, I think we did have a pillow fight=-)

O my goodness Thomas don't do that! Your eyes might get stuck! Someone in the van began to share a story with everyone they said that a whole family crossed their eyes on road trip and then as they were driving they hit a bump and their eyes got stuck, and then they hit another bump, and their eyes got unstuck! I wonder if that story scared Thomas=-)

SO sweet=-) When I say we became close friends I wasn't kidding=-) These guys were so much fun and entertaining! I think they sang like five hours straight at one point=-) No need for Ipods=-)

This guy.... Well all I got to say is he can sure sing good. lol One of the games we played was to turn up the volume as loud as it could go and stick the ear buds in our ears and sing with all of our heart=-) The funny part was that everybody sounded awful!

We told jokes, sang songs, cheered the Saints on, took funny pictures, stopped at a ton of gas stations, and talked non stop! The trip was a blast--no time for a nap!

A funny story that I would like to share.... When we stopped at a gas station, a van pulled up that looked just like the one we were traveling in. Well, me and Rusty was one of the last ones to get back into the van. Old Rusty walks right up to the wrong van and starts to get in! The look on his face was priceless=-) Of course when we get into the right van everyone was laughing their heads off=-) Good Times!!!

.....To be continued!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Cutest Little Girl Ever!

I was blessed with a great job. I get to play all day with the cutest little girl=-) She is so funny and smart! She can identify certain animals and she makes animal sounds! She loves the outdoors, every time we go for a walk she points up at the birds in the sky and starts squealing! Children are so precious especially this little pumpkin=-)