Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is a video that Whit sent to me!!!! Thought I would share it!!! Thanks Whit your such a great friend!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ok..... Im GoIng To TrY ThIS blogging tHIng Again!!!

Well lets see...It has been three months since I have last blogged. Wow just a little behind! Lets just pretend that I have not been neglecting you guys! Thanks for understanding!

So lets see what I can share with all my lovely friends.....Hmmmm hh ummmm hhmmmmm!!! My mind does not hold anything worth sharing at the moment!

I know! I know! I had three months to get it together but you might have to wait another three months!! Just kidding.

Well It's Wednesday and we have church tonight. I'm sure tomorrow.......wait that reminds me of a funny story!

It was a Wednesday night and I had nursery duty along with another lady from our church. Our church's nursery is upstairs--an important fact. Children's church was also going on down the hall from where I was at--another very important fact. Five or so biting, drooling adorable little kids (Just trying to create a picture for you) was in my care. Anyways, my work was cut out for me that night!

Everything was going fine and dandy until I heard this awful awful nose. It sounded like all the kids down the hall in children's church was scared out of their minds. It did not sound good to me at all ! So you can imagine what happened next. My womanly take care of business mode kicked in! I ran down the stairs and into the sanctuary where church was being held at that very moment.

Frantically waving my hands in the air, saying, "Uncle Otto, Uncle Otto something is happening upstairs. We need help!" My uncle Otto, who is the pastor of our church stopped in midsentence.... The next thing, that I only had a few seconds to process, was that I was being pushed out of the way as four men went went flying past me including my grandpa!!!! As I looked around I noticed that the whole church was looking kind of freaked out!

So to end my funny story! Now I know your probably wondering, How is This Funny? Well you see nothing was wrong at all. The children where OK! Unaware to me, a very dramatic drama was being performed in children's church. I ended up stopping a whole church service and almost giving the whole church a heartattack!!! Slightly embarrassing but a moment never to be forgotten!!!