Friday, September 10, 2010

Being A Lady Is So Much Fun

Once upon a time women enjoyed being ladies. Pinks, blues, ribbons, lace, and lots of grace! So pretty! Maybe that's why women didn't have to chase their men down.
Ta, Ta, Ta! Not the way to be ladies.
Don't you recall in all the great romance novels that the women had men waiting in line to talk to them. I can just dream of all the great men. Some strong and handsome, tall and rich, and yes, can't forget about the silly imature schoolboys .
Hint- ladies you got to be kind, but don't get that mixed up with,"You have to kiss a frog or that you have to marry one of them."
In fact you don't have to marry any of them. You can wait for the Prince of some land.
Like I said being a lady is so much fun!
I'll share a little secret with you, ladies. Always be happy with who God made you! Short, tall, tan, fair--just be happy with who you are. You are bountiful and beautiful. Make the best of what you've got and don't compare! I have found myself at times doing just so. The sad thing is that you're so distraught about what God didn't give you that your glow starts to die down. Wake up Miss! You're going to miss just who you are! When you put God first, He will show you just who you are.
Ok, back to the secret that's suppose to be a little one. Don't ever think that the world revolves around you, because you're going to be sadly disappointed. The faster you learn to love others, care for others, and be selfless the more people will want to be around you! Ladies you know what that means you're going to have people surround you. And who knows, in the midst of enjoying life, Mr. Right is going to wake up and see the bountiful and beautiful you!


  1. awwww thats cute girl thanks for the tip love u carmencita

  2. That is an excellent piece of advice!!!! You are a smart and BEAUTIFUL blonde.

    I love you!

    Aunt Neekee

  3. Great Advice!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT Smarty skirt!