Monday, December 13, 2010

Easy and cute hair

First of all your going to need a ton of bobby pins=-) I love bobby!~ lol
Your going to need a pony!
Also your favorite flower=-0
Next step to one amazing style.... easy as pie=-) You gather all of your hair into your hand. You can gather up high, down low or to the side. Whatever makes you super happy=-) =-)
O yeah, and one of my little secrets is to leave a bit hair out in the front to curl swoop or pin into a loop Dee loop=-) If you decide that you don't want anything going on in the front you can always pin it back!=-)

Aha, next step my friend=-) You make a pony... but not just any pony=-) Once you make your pony one loop from being tight you loop that last loop and pull your hair through. But the trick is not all the way through=-) ha ha a tongue twister=-) I like mine high as you can see=-) I'm short so its does a good job of adding height=-) Your hair should now look like a rainbow on top of your head, or a slinky=-)
FUN FUN FUN!~ OK so now your going to have hair hanging! As shown in the picture above=-) with that hair you just start separating and making rolls=-) Not the kind you eat might I add=-0
Har Har Har! Pin Pin Pin Loop Loop Loop =-) And wallah Amazing!!!

Your hairdo never is going to look the same so don't worry and just have fun =-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just a few pictures from Whits banquet=-)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Christmas Banquet=-)
I wish I had more pictures but I forgot to charge my camera-(

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This is a section from the story, Pansies by J. F. Willing, adapted by Karen Santorum. ~Once, there was a king who had a beautiful garden. When he went into it one day, he found everything drooping and fading. "Why, what's the matter here?" he asked. "Oh," the vine sighed, "I cannot grow tall and slender and beautiful like the pine tree, so I don't want to grow any more. There's no use." The pine said, "I cannot bear fruit like the apple tree. I am good for nothing. I don't want to live any more." And the apple tree said, "My flowers are just little, simple, common things; they are not beautiful and large like the roses, which everybody praise. I shan't live any longer." Because everything was finding fault with itself, all the plants looked wretched.But at last the king came to a pansy flower. It looked up at him as bright and glad and sweet as ever. He said, "Pansy, you don't seem to have fallen into this trouble. They are all finding fault, but you seem to be happy." " Yes," said the little flower, "I am happy, because I know that when you planted the seed out of which I grew, you didn't want a pine, or an apple tree, or a vine, or a rose. You just wanted a little pansy. So to please you, I am going to be the best little pansy that I can be.This made the king happy. He had to try hard to bring the other plants out of their discontent, so he was very glad that there was one flower in the garden willing to please him.Like the little pansy, you must make up your mind to be content, and to grow into the person that you were created to be.Pansies make people happy. Have you ever noticed how their bright sweet faces seem to rise toward you when you bend over them in the garden? They look just like happy, contented little people!~