Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Be Happy=)

How to be happy. The word happy is an adjective, but it takes some serious action to make happy a part of your life. Ok, so find out what makes you happy..... and start working towards it! Yeah, dreaming is a part of it, but working hard and being consistent is the other BIG part of it. I want to become a RN which means I have to go to school.... UGHHHHH I WANT TO SCREAM, I ABSOLUTELY HATE SCHOOL. Ugh I have got to study, and that means less time just chillin=(. Hard , hard hard!!!!! The other hard part about school is sitting down and listening to a teacher teach some really hard concept that is just way over my head. The truth is though when I'm on my way home from school, and I'm rewarded with a good grade for studying I feel something called satisfaction. AHHHHH =-) And, then the thought hits me like gold....... I WORKED FOR IT=-) I feel so HAPPY=-) Ok, so what I'm trying to say is that to be happy you have to stop being lazy. Face the fact that trying, working, learning, and doing makes you a happy person=-) Hope what I shared will help you out!!!~

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