Monday, December 13, 2010

Easy and cute hair

First of all your going to need a ton of bobby pins=-) I love bobby!~ lol
Your going to need a pony!
Also your favorite flower=-0
Next step to one amazing style.... easy as pie=-) You gather all of your hair into your hand. You can gather up high, down low or to the side. Whatever makes you super happy=-) =-)
O yeah, and one of my little secrets is to leave a bit hair out in the front to curl swoop or pin into a loop Dee loop=-) If you decide that you don't want anything going on in the front you can always pin it back!=-)

Aha, next step my friend=-) You make a pony... but not just any pony=-) Once you make your pony one loop from being tight you loop that last loop and pull your hair through. But the trick is not all the way through=-) ha ha a tongue twister=-) I like mine high as you can see=-) I'm short so its does a good job of adding height=-) Your hair should now look like a rainbow on top of your head, or a slinky=-)
FUN FUN FUN!~ OK so now your going to have hair hanging! As shown in the picture above=-) with that hair you just start separating and making rolls=-) Not the kind you eat might I add=-0
Har Har Har! Pin Pin Pin Loop Loop Loop =-) And wallah Amazing!!!

Your hairdo never is going to look the same so don't worry and just have fun =-)


  1. hmmm, I have to try that one day, hen I am old enough for it! lol

  2. you are never to young for a beautiful hairstyle, look at it shaddie.