Thursday, March 4, 2010

~Let's MAKE it cute~

I bought this pretty bottle that was already decorated!!! AWESOME!! Then I found this little piece of copper that was on the ground, and I transformed it into a picture holder as shown below. I placed it into the bottle!! YAY, now I have a place for all my gorgeous friends to be displayed!! It's also really fun to add in money, concert tickets, birthday cards, and anything that makes you HAPPY!!!
After that, I added some really cool sticks that were long and skinny. This gave it a really fun and funky look! When ever I get a new clip flower I just add it to the array!!! So so so shah!!
When it's all said and done you have this very cute picture, and Hair accessory holder~ WaLlaH!!
Its your space have fun with it! Make sure you like it because your the one living in it!!!

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